Jelli Offers Radio Stations The Ability to Give Advertisers Instant Feedback 

Today Jelli announced an important element to its business model: real time ad feedback, with “Jelli Response” and “Jelli Insights”. 

Jelli is a social music experience that allows listeners to control what plays on a terrestrial radio station from the web, iPhone and Android devices. Jelli users vote for the artists and songs they want to hear, creating dynamic playlists that determine in real-time what plays. Jelli’s community interacts with each other in live chat rooms and can easily connect their accounts to Facebook to share what they’re listening to with their friends. Jelli’s cloud-based platform takes this engagement and serves programming in real-time on actual FM radio broadcasts.

With Jelli Response(TM) ads, Jelli’s platform serves the radio spot on-air, simultaneously presenting the ad to users who can interact in real-time with it as it plays, via Jelli for iPhone, Jelli for Android and the station’s website. A Jelli Insights(TM) report is created, summarizing the engagement data from the radio campaign, including by demographic and region.

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