Faith Hill Merges Music, Football, Phones and Fashion

(Click on the photo to hear a YouTube playlist of Faith Hill’s latest NBC Sunday Night Football Into Song, and a few past editions of Faith’s Into Song.)

The NFL kicked-off the 2012-2013 season.  Sunday’s edition of NBC’s coverage of the NFL (Sunday Night Football) brought us Faith Hill’s latest version of the introductory song, let’s call it:  “I’ve Been Waitin’ All Day for Sunday Night.”  One great way to promote your product is to align it with the correct music.  In this case NBC has a fantastic product (NFL Football)…and pairing Joan Jett’s “I Hate Myself for Lovin’ You” with a country superstar certainly is a touchdown.  NBC also uses this prime spot in the program to take care of two other pieces of business: a plug for SNF’s sponsor (Verizon) and one of their programs (The Voice).

Obviously a strong singer and “The Voice” are a natural pairing, and seeing the pro’s from “The Voice” is kind of a kick (and a surprise).  Most of the Verizon mentions are also organic and make sense.  I like the “rolling case” and the “mobile phone” version of the football action.  Sprint used to have this position in the original SNF intro…and I’d advise Verizon to pay whatever NBC wants to keep the slot. 

Fashion also plays a part in “I’ve Been Waitin’ All Day for Sunday Night”.  It looks like Faith’s dress is from Alexander McQueen, with heels from YSL.  Both designers should be happy with the placement…in previous versions of the songs, Faith makes wardrobe changes…so this seems a positive for McQueen and YSL.

Faith Hill’s website is here.

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